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 6-week-old died of starvation after being fed a diet of soy milk and apple juice. 

The parents of a baby that died of starvation after being fed a vegan diet have been found guilty of malice murder, felony murder and first degree cruelty to children. 

Jade Sanders, 27, and Lamont Thomas, 31, will get an automatic life sentence for the death of their 6-week-old infant, Crown. After being fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice, he weighed only 3 1/2 pounds when he died. 

The Fulton County jury deliberated the case for about seven hours. 

Prosecutors said it was a chilling case of murder by starvation, a painful and prolonged death. Attorneys representing Sanders and Thomas told jurors the first-time parents did the best they could while adhering to their vegan lifestyle. Vegans typically live free of animal products. 

"They're not vegans, they're baby killers," Fulton prosecutor Mike Carlson told the jury Tuesday during his closing arguments. 

The couple's attorneys said they didn't realize their baby, born at home, was in danger until minutes before he died.

 Vegan parents, found guilty in infant murder

Written by Malkeinai and edited by Yonderboy on Thursday 573/2007

From Fanatism Dept.

 I have already seen some references in House;  I didn’t think it was true. But it was so; two vegans (they don’t eat meat, eggs or milk) had the bright idea of being loyal to their principles and feeding their baby with soy milk and apple juice. The result? The baby started to lose weight and after a long and painful agony died of starvation, he weighed only a kilo and a half when he died. These couple of insane people was sentenced to life imprisonment due to infant murder. Your principles are one thing and common sense is another very different one.

 Note: This is not an isolated case. Dr William Jarvis exposed this problem long ago,  before Dr Gregory House.


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