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Many times we have talked about and also written about the vegan madness, it is such an irrational behavior these animal defenders have, that many times they violate the law and even use terrorism to achieve their aims. (We have to worry about this type of terrorism more than about other activities they perform like their boring anti-fur campaigns (in which second level actresses pose naked and say “better naked than wear fur”), their advising children to drink beer instead of milk, their saying that the animals which work in circuses are like human slaves and their poor comparison of the Second World War Holocaust to the killing of poultry for human consumption).

 Some years ago the fanatic vegans, like the ones of the Animal Liberation Front, were specialized in attacking ranches and setting free: poultry, rabbits and fur animals, not only in Europe and the United States but also in South America.

 Things went wrong in those campaigns, most vegan leaders ended up in prison as the FBI and other governmental organizations in Europe, stopped their activities, caught them and sentenced them. Bur these crimes and felonies didn’t do any good to vegans, psychologically speaking, as they generated more frustration than pride.

It was a complete and disappointing failure for animal defenders to see that their ”liberated”  animals were hurt and killed by fierce predators like dogs, cats and other animals or were run over by cars and trucks. They also died of hunger as they didn’t know how to survive at liberty.

 Many vegans ended in prison for those actions, some breeders organized themselves and confronted them, the sheriffs and authorities of different countries caught many of these Nazi people (they want to impose their ideas by force) and in the end they didn’t get anything at all.

 American ranchers defended themselves very well; first they had meetings and got to a decision and finally they found the way of minimizing and neutralizing the damage caused by this evil people.

 For example, the mink ranchers made dens that worked as shelters in places near their farms, so as minks are used to them, most of the liberated animals could find shelter there and were later recovered by the ranchers.

 Most breeders increased their security measures (video cameras, barriers, more guards, Doberman and German shepherd dogs, etc) to make the vegan attacks difficult. In Roque Pérez, Lobos, Cañuelas and other places in Buenos Aires province, the poultrymen and rabbit breeders took up arms and patrolled the area to confront those “Buenos Aires madmen” (this is the way they called them). Finally, they did not appear again in those places.

 Now most of these terrorists have chosen other places to attack and to practice their criminal methods. In these places terrorists are stronger than in rural regions where the ranches and authorities confronted them.

 It’s terrorism in cities. It’s against laboratories, universities and scientists that test on animals to improve medicine (they investigate on how to cure such severe diseases like diabetes, Aids, cancer and others).

Here is where we can talk about the vegan madness in its most disagreeable aspect:

To send any kind of bombs to scientists (in New York, a letter-bomb exploded in a scientist’s hands), to set fire to laboratories and universities’ buildings, to endanger scientific progress in medicine and other medical sciences which investigate how to cure diseases that afflict mankind, to defend a rat or a Guinea pig is something that causes disagreeable feelings in a civilized person.

This is enough and conclusive evidence that these extremist vegans are dangerous for the rest of humanity and that their ONLY places are:  prison or asylums.

Normal people cannot fancy their placing a rat over a human being.

To kill people, to destroy University and Laboratory buildings because of a rat, a Guinea pig or any other animal, pertains to alienated people. If opposing to the use of fur by force or by deceiving campaigns provokes criticism, stopping the scientific progress causes disgust.

 In addition and what is the worst, they are hypocrites.

 Many vegan or /and vegetarian women boast about their being vegan or vegetarians; they are conceited and they think they are superior as they suppose they have better lifestyle which is more ethical and nicer to our animal co inhabitants. But when they are pregnant, they eat meat and animal products as everyone does because they know their baby needs them. They also eat them when they are old as some illnesses appear due to their past diets based on non animal products.

 They know or their doctors inform them that iron contained in meat is superior to the one existing in vegetables and cannot be replaced due to its quality.

 Such is the way, vegans, who destroy laboratories, send letter-bombs and molest, persecute and make life impossible to scientists, simply use afterwards the remedies manufactured from experimenting with animals.

If they were not hypocrites, they THEMSELVES OR THEIR BELOVED RELATIVES wouldn’t use the remedies they so much combat even violating the law or terrorizing.

 Whoever wants to study this serious issue of extremist veganism well, should read “The Animal Research War” from Michael Conn which informs this matter in deep.

Here are some quotations that will inform the reader about the terrorist madness.

“ In a war YOU have to take up arms and kill some people. I support that action by throwing petrol bombs, putting bombs below cars and later probably shooting investigators that test on animals at their doorways” Tim Daley ALF (Animal Liberation Front) 2003

“Setting fire, property destruction, theft and threat are acceptable crimes when they are used for the animal cause” (Alex Pacheco, PeTA Director 1989). Afterwards he went to prison. As all extremists he later quitted terror and veganism.

 “I don't think you'd have to kill too many doctors related to scientific investigation with animals… I think  that for 5 lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, 2 million, 10 million non-human lives (above all rats:  this is added by the author of the article). Jerry Vlasak. Director of the Animal Defense League, 2003.

 The book explains that vegan extremists boast about having destroyed more than u$s 100.000.000 worth in property and goods belonging to Universities and Laboratories that study and investigate with animals. (Most of them rats as we explained before).

It says it’s high time we made the world know about the animal research war and how those who investigate with animals are persecuted. It must be reported that the money vegans obtain from donations to shelter and protect animals, is mostly used to terrorize and to destroy investigations made by Universities and Laboratories which work with animals.

 It is important to know about this matter and to make it known  as everyday there are more and more books that deal with animal rights because “they sell well” and people ignore everything about scientific investigation and how investigators are persecuted, hurt and attacked in all possible ways by terrorists. How scientists are persecuted by this lunatics must be reported because this aspect of the problem is widely unknown by the public in general.

Several lawsuits which condemned vegans as domestic terrorists are mentioned in the book. These terrorists are even more dangerous than the Muslim extremists that destroyed the Twin Towers on 11th September. That is the reason why in the United States a severe legislation as the Researcher Protection Act which specifies this type of terrorism was passed in 2006.

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