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 Let the truth come out!!

The only thing they want is to collect money which is never intended for the animals but it remains in the hands of the directors of these vegan NGOs.

 Anima Naturalis is a Spanish NGO that has now come to Argentina (In Spain they cannot collect more money as they are fully decadent and discredited) and has told infamies and lies about pelting animals for fur alive (only a fool can believe it: the pelt would be completely ruined and it wouldn’t be suited for a fur coat); they horrify people with these lies in order to get donations.


 PeTA , from  the US,  is closely related to Anima Naturalis from Spain (they have addresses in common). It collected a large annual revenue of  u$s 17.000.000 and has many lawsuits due to misappropriation of funds which were not employed in what they had promised to when they were collected as the money was used by their Directors instead.

 They live an easy life with the money they collect from donations of their campaigns pro animal defense, but nothing goes to animals. (Serious reports from and also see )

 These people are not only opposed to the use of fur but also to the use of any animal by-product. For them, to eat meat is “murder” and to eat eggs or drink milk is a “crime”. They are against Mac Donald’s, Burger Kings, investigation laboratories and poultry and pig farms. They are opposed to livestock, fishing and feedlots. They attack slaughterhouses and fur dressing firms. What is the worst, they lie in their campaigns to impact society and get donations (It’s their sole and true objective).

 They lie when they say foxes are pelted alive (only a confused person can believe such madness)(how can you pelt a fox alive… he bites your hand and eats it), they say animals live stocked and are maltreated. (If this were the case, there wouldn’t be any profit and consequently nobody would breed them).

 A video is circulating in Internet where they show maltreatment to animals. In the United States it was demonstrated that this video was made by them to serve as a tool to impact and shock society and hence to get donations.

 The damage caused to animal production in our country must not remain unpunished.

 The source of work of thousands of families in Argentina is in danger.

 The Argentine Association of Actors will be informed about this enormous business that causes damage to the country and benefits a few foreigners.

Additionally, hundreds of breeders, fur dealers, fur dressers, cage and fur manufacturers, people from fur, leather, fish and meat industries and suppliers of accessories have decided to boycott every show Marcela Kloosterboer holds.

 The principle that rules these NGOs is the following:

“A boy, a horse and a rat are equal”. (Actual words of Ingrid Dunkirk, PeTA’s Director)

 PeTA, (Anima Naturalis), which collets money to protect animals, is the most killer organization it has ever been known. People trust in them and gave dogs to them but they kill the animals because they don’t want to spend money in feeding them. (It has been publicly demonstrated, see below).

 Marcela Kloosterboer doesn’t know, or probably knows about it but she doesn’t mind, that farm fur comes from animals for fur that are treated, bred and reproduced in captivity in a human way. She and other actors should study the matter deeply, visit farms instead of spreading lies that only damage sources of work and attack the exports of miles of pelts that bring foreign currency to the country; her actions only benefit foreign organizations that know nothing about a livestock country like Argentina (they want to stop us from eating meat and animal by-products).

 The fact that part of those animals are killed is what we call a “renewable resource”, that is the reason why every day there are more animals that feed thousands of Argentine families.

 She says she is a vegetarian and yet:


a)      She wears leather shoes (photo), remember her campaign for Lady Stork. Leather is part of a cow, an animal that is killed like the one which is used to make a fur coat.


b)      She uses make-up every day, it is produced from animal by-products and animal supplies.


c)       She uses creams for her body and her face which contain many animal products.


d)      She eats chocolate which contains animal by-product ingredients (oil).


e)      The seats in her car are made of leather that comes from cows killed for such purpose.


f)       The medicine she takes comes from animal testing laboratories.


g)      She says she prefers synthetic coats but they attack the environment. As they are not biodegradable, they will disappear from Earth in 4.000.000 years. A fur coat is biodegradable and disappears in some years.


h)      Her cat eats fish and meat, but we (the human beings) cannot!


i)        In summer she uses chemical mosquito repellents and ant killing products inside her house. If we add the fact that she exterminates rats in her apartment, we can say she is a potential animal killer.


 She uses creams for her body which contain many animal products and animal supplies.

She uses make-up made from animal by-products and animal supplies
She uses creams and soaps which contain animal by-products.  
She wears leather shoes and handbags and participates in advertising campaigns as the one she made for Lady Stork.

 Don’t let them deceive you; Marcela Kloosterboer uses animals for daily consumption. Every day when we uses creams, leather, handbags, shoes or kills mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches, she should say to herself the slogan she says in her campaign:  “Here is the rest of your coat”.

 The animals don’t have rights (or obligations). The human beings of any race, color or condition have rights and obligations. It’s a basic principle of the Jew-Christian civilization where we have lived for thousands of years and it cannot or mustn’t be changed by fanatic extremists who are influenced by destructive doctrines against humanity.

 According to them man can eat neither fish nor meat, however the animals they protect can do it (as the dog, the cat, the bear or the wolf).

 -The animal rights defenders are not only opposed to fur animal farming but also animal testing in laboratories and universities. They are against circuses and having pets (dogs, cats and parrots); according to them they are slaves.

 -They are highly dangerous extremists. They have the right not to use fur, leather belts, shoes or trainers or not to eat meat and to drink milk but they shouldn’t use medicine whose discovery was achieved through animal testing.

 When they attack a laboratory or a fox or poultry farm, they are attacking the rights of other human beings in defense of the non existing animal rights.

 To touch people’s feelings, they made an advertisement about Bambi (a young deer), who was suffering because its mother had been killed,  …And who kills a Bambi? However, mosquitoes and spiders are killed all over the world and they also kill them. But isn’t the mosquito an animal too? Or animals are just those we can have feelings for?

 Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA’s founder (initials of People for the Ethical Treatment to Animals) is the clearest example of their fanaticism. She has even said:

…”a horse, a cow, a dog, a cat, a rat or a child are all equal”… (Washington-Magazine August 1986)

…”If to cure all the diseases of the world, a rat has to be killed, I’ll be against it all the same”…

…”Humans have increased as cancer, we are the worst pest on earth”…(Reader’s Digest June 1990)

…”To eat meat is primitive, barbarian and arrogant”…

…”Even painless scientific investigation is fascist and supremacist …” (Washington Magazine, August 1986)

…”If my father had had a heart attack, I wouldn’t be happy if his treatment was tested on a dog first”… (Washington-Post May 1989)

…”Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, I’d be against it”… (Vogue September 1989)

…”Six million people died in concentration camps but six billion chickens, which will be grilled later, will die in slaughterhouses this year”… (Washington Post, November 13th, 1983.

…”I know that trespassing private property is illegal, but I don’t think it is so wrong”… (Montgomery County, Md Journal, February 1988)

 Many events have demonstrated that for them an animal’s life is more important than a person’s life. This group of activists are influenced by Indian and exotic sects’ doctrines.

 It is not a coincidence that most of them don’t have any children and are pro abortion fanatics. They hate man deeply. Man is a calamity for them.

 Many of them were left extremist terrorists that as they have no political party now they have decided to change to a green cause. 

- All their activity was based on lying and deceiving the public. It’s easy to remember videos broadcasted on television which showed sick and stacked hens kept in terrible places, fur animals brutally killed and other horrible scenes.  Later, it was legally demonstrated that the videos had been faked to cheat people.

 The persons who work with animals logically realized the videos were faked but it is more difficult for a person who lives in the city to become aware of it.

 The countryman or an animal breeder knows that if his animals are not healthy, clean, well cared and fed, he won’t get any profit. If there is maltreatment or deficient care, the yield decreases; a badly fed hen will not produce eggs or several minks will ruin their fur if they are kept in the same cage.

 Particular cases can obviously exist; but there are also mothers who sell or abandon their children; those are not reasons for prohibiting motherhood or attacking marriage.

 Finally, these people are withdrawing now. The fur industry is increasing. The producer must do his work because the demand for fur coats will continue as long as there are wealthy people who live in cold areas of the planet. 

The sustainable resource is “the proper use of any vegetal, animal or mineral resource of the planet under an organized exploitation to obtain a maximum profit”. The excessive exploitation of resources without the consequent renovation must be punished.

 The sustainable resource is what enables a determined species, whether it is extinct or not, to last and progress.

 To conclude, we add a statement the President of the Buffalo Association of the United States (the buffaloes are a nearly extinct species due to the uncontrolled hunting last century and at the beginning of this century)…”OUR WORST MISTAKE WAS THAT WE DIDN’T INVENT THE BUFFALO HAMBURGER”.


 In you can discover the truth about those who ask for money to save and take care of animals and who are animal murderers instead.

  ARRIBA | 2014 |