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(Let’s study a map of the five continents where man lives thanks to animal exploitation)


As we have said repeatedly, vegans are theoretical people living in big cities; they have been away neither from them nor from their apartments and even they haven’t left their computers at all.

 They think and act according to their utopian books that talk about animal defense, which they believe blindly as masterpieces; though there isn’t any well-known vegan ideologist who is accepted by non-vegan people. (I mean the rest 6.000 million people who are not vegan).

 They are isolated in a cultural and social ghetto where they influence each other by means of Internet or private messages, talks and conferences. By those means, they exchange artificial and harmful recipes on how to replace milk, eggs and other essential products for human health, (it is pathetic to see them exchanging products that do not contain meat but have its appearance and its taste; products that do not contain chicken, milk, eggs, honey, etc.; or extravagant products like soya sausage and other mad ideas to replace what it cannot be replaced).

 They have never heard or they even don’t want to hear, the opinions of other organizations as UNESCO and FAO which are serious institutions with non vegan experts who know about such pertinent subjects.

 They have never gone around the world or they have never seen breeding or farm ranches; they are so far away from farms, animals and the real world as we are so far away from Mars or any other planet.

It is the only way we can admit the mad ideas they propose, like the disuse of  animals for any purpose or the disuse of animal by- products  though it doesn’t mean to kill them (wool, milk, eggs, honey, etc).

 For a utopian vegan who lives in Buenos Aires or New York and who travels by subway, by car or by train, it is not a problem to live without using animals as a means of transport or to transport goods, food, warm clothing, etc.

 Of course:  city vegans don’t live in mountainous areas, marshes, woods, swamps, broad pampas and savannas and other places without roads in Latin America; they don’t live in the deserts without paved roads, in cold areas in the poles, in mountains and deserts in Africa and Asia which cannot be reached by trains and cars; and they don’t even live in certain areas of Europe which can be reached only by donkey or by horse.

 In those areas, which are practically half the earth’s surface, the horse, the donkey, the mule, the yak, the reindeer, the Siberian huskies, the camels, the different kinds of dromedaries, the buffaloes of Asia swamps, the llama and dozens of similar animals are fundamental to  travel and to prevent men from being isolated.

 Needless to say, those areas where people cannot live without eating meat, without using leather or fur and without drinking milk from those animals which have adapted to the environment as Darwin’s theory says. Great part of mankind would die or should emigrate from those areas where living is possible thanks to the use of animals adapted to the adverse soil and climate conditions. (For example the Sahara camel has got a special nose and eyelashes to resist sand storms; it can also resist long-term lack of water).

 There are millions of inhabitants of coastal areas that depend on aquatic animals like fish and shellfish (in some coastal zones and some islands aquatic animal products are the principal source of food; fishing industry, which gives work to many people, prospers there). There are also people who feed from ducks, geese, etc, (bred for millions in some aquatic areas in China and the Asian Southeast)

Let’s take into account the technical Japanese as an example of those who depend upon fish to feed millions who live in a few and small islands and let’s multiply it a hundred  times in different areas and populations.

The inhabitants of the desert or semi-deserted areas of America, Asia and Africa live on goats, sheep, camels, etc, (nearly all Africa, half of Asia from the ex Soviet Union Islamic Republics to the coast of China, the Andes mountains in America, Nepal, Tibet, Northern India, Pakistan, great part of the Arabian countries, etc).

 The populations of extremely cold areas like the Eskimo, the Northern Canada Indians, Laplanders, Northern Asian inhabitants and Southern South America inhabitants can also be named, together with populations in warm rainforest areas and marshes in Asia and Oceania.

 Vegans ignore or are not interested in all these facts.

The only thing they worry about is animals.

All these facts can be graphically seen if you mark in red the areas in a five continent map.

Don’t forget all the areas: the coastal, the desert, the arid or semi-arid, the extremely cold and the mountainous ones. Most times there is an animal of that hostile habitat that has allowed man to survive for centuries.

 The result in the map you draw (you can send it to this website) will clarify the vegan madness as it will show how the vegan philosophy will mean death, disappearance and emigration for millions of people.

Moreover to stop using animals and its by-products will imply the concentration of millions and millions of people in urban areas with all its consequent  problems.

 Extreme contamination, pollution, fire, water shortage, lack of food will occur due to the concentration of human beings.

 One thousand and two hundred million Muslims would let themselves be killed or they would fight fiercely before putting an end to their religious rite of Aid or Lamb Feast. There, many animals are sacrificed and then they are eaten to recall the Sacrifice of Abraham’s son and his being replaced by a lamb.

All scientific investigation performed with rats, Guinea pigs and other animals which allowed human life to be lengthen will stop; these investigations have not only permitted man to get to a lifespan he wouldn’t even dream of 50 years ago but also to cure diseases and illnesses and consequently to improve human life in every aspect.

 It would be a total disaster but of course vegans don’t care about it. If fact, they invent unreal solutions for the problems that would arise if the vegan theses succeed. But all these theories are unfeasible and utopian, and they come from people who don’t know more than what is heard in the vegan circles and who do not reason, analyze and study.

 They solve everything by means of their computers or with the vegan books of some “enlightened” persons like Peter Singer, who after having said nonsense when he was a youngster, (in the first edition of his book “Animal Liberation” he said that if an ill child and a chimpanzee entered a room, the chimpanzee must be chosen), he changed his mind radically and approved animal use provided it is in a humanitarian way (we all agree with him).

 Don’t forget the uncontrolled animal growth, many animals are extremely aggressive and will compete with the human beings for food, moreover they will transmit epidemic diseases to man as they won’t be kept under control.

 Let’s take an example: the busy bees that give us honey. As vegans prohibit its use, millions and millions of bees would have to be freed from beehives that exist all over the world.

 At liberty, the pacific bees will be invaded by the African ones that would kill the queen bees and would replace them by their queens; these animals are extremely dangerous for man; if they were left uncontrolled, they would invade all the habitats, not only the ones in the country but in the cities as well; consequently they would kill and cause extreme problems.

 Something similar will happen to many other animal species: the most aggressive, the most dangerous and harmful for man will live and reproduce without control.

The vegan philosophers don’t explain what to do with the millions of birds and livestock: from the most famous cattle breeds to pigs, sheep, goats, horses and rabbits. They are the result of a long selection and genetic work carried out by man to produce more food and as they were bred in captivity, they wouldn’t know how to live at liberty. They would be the first easy prey of rodents and predators.

 As the natural fertilizer of animals bred in captivity would not exist (in Europe it can be seen piles and heaps of excrement collected by people in autumn, summer and spring to be used as fertilizer in spring); synthetic or mineral fertilizers would have to be used and they are not a renewable resource. Not only they deteriorate and exhaust the soil but no agriculture will be possible once they are used up.

Fur, leather, wool and silk couldn’t be worn but just synthetic fabrics which are highly polluting and which will disappear after a while.

 All these subjects show us that it is very easy to write books and send e-mails in Internet talking about totally utopian and unfeasible doctrines.

 It is pathetic that due to their unsolved problems of their childhood, the ideologists and the vegan extremists unconsciously want to destroy humanity by trying to impose their ideas by force and deceit.

 They had better look for a good psychiatrist and solve their problems. | 2014 |