PHOBIA TO MAN. (Misanthropy)?

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PHOBIA TO MAN. (Misanthropy)?






Everybody has the idea that veganism is a severe illness, but many of us don’t know how to explain it in a scientific way.

Who doesn’t know a “cat woman” who hates children, her neighbors and the relatives who want to come close to her, she talks only to herself and even feeds dozens of cats when the weather is very hot and very cold but she pays no attention to poor children that don’t have any food?

Who doesn’t know a “strange boy” who cannot have normal relationships with girls or boys of his same age?

Neither can he make up a family nor have any other lasting relationship.

He hates the world and he deeply loves  a dog, a cat or any other pet whom he gives great care. He replaces the ones of his same species by animals.

All of us have seen some of these cases, but we don’t know how to explain them, we don’t know if they are apathy, psychosis or abnormal behavior.

We know they aren’t normal but we don’t know why. There must be several reasons that originate apathy, an illness or misanthropy. One or several reasons obviously exist. We must know which these reasons are and clarify the subject.

It is obvious that a person that considers a rat, a worm or a child to be equal to a child is insane.

It is also obvious that it is mentally unbalanced whoever sabotages a hunter’s rifle by blocking its shooting end so he is unable to shoot at a fox and consequently his rifle explodes on his face.

Whoever sends letter-bombs to a respectable scientist experimenting with rats is also unbalanced.

Whoever sets fire to properties, cars, offices, premises of those who work with animals is also insane because he doesn’t mind putting human lives in danger to save animals, including the most repulsive ones, to the detriment of man.

They are so ill that they write to each other in internet and they beef up their doings. We are going to publish what Carlos, a famous Buenos Aires vegan, wrote and we are also going to publish what was written about fire, destruction and other types of felonies in Spain.  

It seems that prosecutors ignore everything about it.

The reader will become fully informed and the articles will help him have his own opinion on the matter.

Write to us giving us your opinion.

We’ll have discretion if you will or we will publish your name and your work.

We are mainly interested in the opinion of psychiatrists, psychologists and teachers.


The best work or works will be published in Breeders Associations all around the world.





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