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 Our aim is:

          To explain the severe problem that Veganism represents (a doctrine that is against the consumption of animals and their by-products, i.e. milk, eggs, honey, wool, silk, etc). The Animal Liberation Front and the Buenos Aires Vegans are its extremist degree.

          To finish with the lies and hypocrisy of certain groups who claim to defend animals, and who do not hesitate to fake videos, films and also tell any type of lies about producers.

          To fight against eco-terrorism and the vegan extremists.

          To explain to the population and the governmental authorities the great lie about animal maltreatment  in any kind of ranches and farms, a lie whose aim is mostly to collect money in  great amounts. This money is for the use of vegan leaders and to extend veganism among population, especially among the youngsters and children (who are being instructed without their parents’ knowledge in schools and any type of institutions).

          To submit this problem to the Media, to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Authorities for them to enact and pass special laws against eco-terrorists or against anyone who violates the law and harms people who breed, sell, use or work with animals or their by-products.



 It is a shame to see some people who have five dogs or five cats, spend a lot of money on those animals and do not worry about children who are homeless, who live in the poorest areas or simply who starve in any part of the country. Therefore, dogs and cats seem to live better than human beings.

 Today we have cemeteries for dogs and cats, birthday parties for dogs and cats, dresses, coats, etc. for animals. It’s an insult to mankind that man forgets the ones of his same kind and only worries about animals.






 It is surprising that PeTA, the most important vegan organization in the world (English initials of People for Ethical Treatment to Animals), hasn’t got any animal shelter. It kills animals in great quantities: in a sole commercial activity it collected U$S 17.000.000, but that money was not meant for animals. In a legal case, it had to admit that it killed 15.000 dogs and cats in only one State of the Union. (See www.petalkillsanimals.com).

 Therefore, to collect funds, vegans use the same animal maltreatment they invent but do nothing for the animals they say they defend, they just kill them.

 According to them breeding animals for fur, hunting animals, fishing, keeping animals in circuses and zoos are attacked because they an unjustly exploited; poultry has also been attacked as they have freed miles of birds bred commercially in ranches and farms.

But the vegan attacks are mostly concentrated on the scientific investigation with animals, even though these animals are nasty as rats or unimportant as Guinea pigs (this is important because the vegan ideologists cunningly feel sorry for the poor cow, the little deer, the hens or ducks who in their publications talk, seem to be human and are so likeable characters. But they do not mention rats, scorpions, cockroaches, fleas, lice, snakes and other repulsive animals they also equal to man).

They have sabotaged equipment in laboratories, sent letter-bombs and parcels with explosives and performed other outrageous activities that have made slower the discovery of new medicine that mankind needs the most, simply because laboratories were experimenting with rats. Moreover, remedies have also increased due to the cost of vigilance and security.

 There are cases of scientists having lost their fingers and also both hands opening bomb letters and hunters whose weapons exploded on their faces after being sabotaged by extremist vegans.

 All fundamentalists alike are constant, persistent and hard working to get their objectives; they are fanatics of this mad doctrine and live to fulfill their ideals and to instruct the rest of the population so as to recruit more and more vegans.

 The broadcasting campaign of the vegan doctrine is carried out smartly.  They publish ads in newspapers and magazines with effective and striking declarations done by cinema and TV stars. They also make marches against fur and against cruelty to animals. But above all, they use Internet (as it was previously explained, they lie about maltreatment against all animals kept in captivity). They send people millions of emails and fake videos, and later they ask for funds to stop such animal maltreatment.

 The amount of money collected is so important that it is never meant to the cause it was asked to. It just gives more power to vegans to make more and more publicity of their doctrine.

 Statistics clearly say that if thousands and thousands of messages asking for money are sent, a very important group of people will donate.

 They also go to schools to instruct children pretending to protect the environment. Many teachers believe in them when they tell them they are going to talk to children on how to protect the environment, but in fact they talk about pure veganism.

 They show children an unreal and untruthful panorama on how, through torture and suffering, animals are bred for fur, hens are stacked and maltreated, female pigs are cruelly exploited; they tell children have to love animals which their friends and consequently they mustn’t eat them. In this way, many children fall into the vegan doctrine.

Some children, the ones who have unstable personality, will become ecological terrorists (Buenos Aires Vegan and Animal Liberation Front) who will not hesitate to infringe the Law, to arson, to rob, etc., to free animals that are equal to man.

 Generally a clear example of a luxurious and unjustified use of animals is applied to animals for fur as many animals are killed to make a luxurious coat. But the fact that fur is mostly needed in very cold zones, that it is a renewable resource and does not pollute the atmosphere as the synthetic one, is really neglected. This means that vegan extremists are not very interested in the environment.

 They are also alarmed by the cruelty of using animals for scientific investigation, even though these are rats and Guinea pigs. They try to instruct people not to eat meat. Few people generally support the orthodox doctrine of not using eggs, milk, wool, honey, leather, etc. and vegans know it is very difficult to impose these ideas on the population. If people knew they are also against having pets, the majority would oppose them.

 At present, the idea of animal welfare has been spread among every type of agricultural development and many people think that if humane treatment to animals is shown, vegans would be satisfied.

This is not so, vegans not only want to stop any animal commercialization completely but also the consumption of their by- products as well. Although hens stayed in a five star hotel, they would be opposed to their being in captivity and hence our using their eggs; although pigs were in a luxurious spa, they would be opposed to their killing, and the same can be applied to the rest of the animals.

 We think they are not fully aware of the consequences of the vegan success. If their ideas were imposed, not only livestock and animal farming with a thousand years of genetic improvement,  man’s selection, skills and work would be lost but also the cruelest animals would increase in number to the detriment of the weakest ones who would be killed and therefore would disappear.

 The rest of the animals, the most aggressive and fertile ones, would compete for food with human beings. (Just imagine rats, locusts and any type of harmful animals multiplied without limits).

 In desolate areas millions of people would die without any goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, reindeer, camels and many other animals, and other millions of people would also die because of food shortage.

 The vegan world is unacceptable unless we accept most of the population to disappear.

 As aforementioned, they defend animals at all costs and they place them in equal terms to human beings, therefore they do not hesitate to put human lives in danger, to destroy private property and to free animals bred in captivity, though this means death and suffering for the animals which were freed.

 Many time vegans have been accused of being Fascists and Nazis because they try to impose their ideas by force though those who think and act differently want to stop them. Nazis imposed their ideas through shock troops, through the suppression of any opposition and by killing or confining in concentration camps those who thought differently; to oppose Nazism was to be an enemy of the Reich (the German Empire). The Reich was the most important matter and everything had to give in to the Reich: Deutschland uber alles, Germany above everything. Here in veganism the matter is “Animals above everything”.

 The vegan philosophy is really close to Nazi Fascism. While the Nazi extremists placed the state above the individuals, the vegans place the animals above man, thus it is legal to attack those who disagree with the vegan philosophy. They also give priority to free animals over any ethical principle, legal rule, ancient tradition and what is worse above the future of the civilization which they are not interested in.

 Therefore we can say, without exaggerating, that the vegan doctrine a threat to human civilization.





   Every day vegans are more alienated, fanatic and distant from our occidental traditions:

 To understand the vegan madness and what you are going to read below, you must consider that vegans are influenced by Indian doctrines that say that animals are “travelling souls” who in other future lives can reincarnate in human beings.

 Therefore for most of them neither rats, cockroaches, lice, fleas, flies nor mosquitoes (including those causing dengue, malaria, etc) must be killed.

They are the same who oppose to use of any type of meat, fur, wool, silk, honey, dairy products, eggs and everything that comes from animals.



 By: Washington. AP and ANSA


 The simple and accurate action of killing a fly by the president of the United States can have consequences beyond the death of the animal.

 Yesterday an organization that defends animals announced that they want President Barack Obama to show a little more compassion the next time he is buzzed by a fly in the White House.

 The Organization People for Ethical Treatment to Animal,  PeTA for short, (the same organization that made Che’s granddaughter pose semi naked, see page 41), sent the president a device  that allows users to  trap insects indoors so they can then be released outside. 

 “We support compassion, including for those more irritating, little and unpleasant animals”, said yesterday Bruce Friedrich, spokesman of PeTA. “We believe that people, when they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals”.

 On Tuesday, annoyed by the buzzing of a fly during an broadcasted interview in the White House, Obama decided to make justice himself.

 Obama said to the fly: “Get out of here”, but the insect refused. So, Obama waited till the insect landed, raised his hand and swatted it on his first attempt.

 As if nothing had happened, he asked the journalist John Harwood from the CNBC: “Now, where were we?”

 The president of the United States took a second to please with himself and added “That was pretty impressive, wasn’t it?  I got the sucker”.

 The cameras continued filming in the Eastern Part of the White House. Without flinching, Obama pointed at the insect and asked: “Do you want to film it?”

 CNBC did it and the dead fly became famous.

 Friedrich said yesterday that PeTA is pleased with Obama’s support in the Senate in favor of animal rights and he also reminded people that the president has proclaimed to be against animal maltreatment.

 But “killing a fly on TV means that he is not perfect”, Freidrich said.

 CLARIN NEWSPAPER June 19th, 2009.




 Several cases of legal action to those who want to impose their ideas by force or by means of intimidation have been heard lately.

We are talking about terrorism and we can assure that the Argentine Republic judicial system decided not to tolerate those crimes.

In Buenos Aires people talk about the lawsuit and above all the sentence and prison of those who attacked people who were participating in a ceremony about the anniversary of the State of Israel. Federal Judge Claudio Bonadío, Sq. is in charge of the proceedings and sentence.

 Among the crimes Bonadío charged the accused are the ones stated in “Article 213, 2nd amendment” which punishes with 3 to 8 years’ imprisonment, the person who organizes or takes part in permanent or temporary groups whose principal or temporary objective is to impose his ideas or oppose other people’s ideas by force or inspiring fear

 Consequently, this article can be perfectly applied to vegans who intimidate scientists experimenting with animals or breeders of all type of animals.

 It is clear that active vegans (the ones who terrorize people to impose their ideas) are subject to prison. People should not hesitate to expose them to the authorities whatever threat, delinquent behavior or action these people may perform.



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