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 Today, on Wednesday 31st October, in La Nación Nespaper , page 14, we published a notice which clarifies the statements and actions of vegan terrorists.

For the ones who cannot get the newspaper we scanned the page and the open letter in particular.

As you see we continue defending the chinchilla industry against those ecologic terrorists. We have to confront them all together or we won’t be able to win. The American and European breeders managed to destroy them, imprison them and make the truth known to be public. We have to do the same.

We are very happy (because of what it means, not because of the actions) that they have freed miles of poultry and rabbits in Cañuelas, Roque Pérez, etc, and that they have performed less important actions (like the liberation of pig, rabbits and hens in General Paz Motorway and 203 Road) as these actions really demonstrated that they want no animal breeding. (They are completely alienated).

 Many breeders of those animals in that area told us that people are armed and are furious about “the madmen of Buenos Aires!!” They told us they drive a van at night but they are making a mistake as there are armed people waiting for them so they won’t certainly go to that place again.

Next time they will attack other farms like poultry, rabbit or pig farms in different and distant areas. It is important that chinchilla breeders that have neighbors who have animal farms inform them about these ecological terrorists.

As everybody knows “liberation” of animals that have lived in cages for all their lives means death, suffering and pain.

The hens were run over in a nearby route or killed by wandering dogs and the same happened to rabbits.

 This is the case of food waste that poor children in Argentina need. It is a simple equation: fewer hens, rabbits, eggs and less meat:  more expensive food.



Many people who lost animals think that they are common thieves or vandals; they don’t even know these madmen exist. We have to make it known to everybody.

 It is essential for us to inform the amount we collected for the notice so as to publish the names of the ones who donated money. (If someone doesn’t want his name to be published, please inform it as soon as possible so he will be published as anonymous). (Notification about it is due this weekend).

 The Notice in La Nación newspaper is as follows:


Yes to Chinchillas!!! No to Vegans!!!

Vegans and ecological terrorists are attacking the increasing industry of chinchilla breeding in Argentina. (First worldwide producer, millions in foreign currency and jobs for the country). They send fake videos through Intenet and TV. They ask for donations to stop the supposed animal maltreatment but this money is never intended for animals, it goes to vegan pockets. Some of them make acts of ecological terrorism “liberating” miles of hens and rabbits in Cañuelas and Roque Pérez or pigs and pets in Buenos Aires (people think they are common thieves). They attack veterinarian’s shops, pet shops and Mac Donald’s. They don’t want us to consume meat, milk, eggs, honey and animal by-products. They are against zoos, riding, hunting, fishing and animal testing with rats. “A rat is equal to a child”. In Internet, they boast about their thefts and the damages they cause. They instruct children at school, who might be future terrorists later.

Do the authorities, judges and prosecutors know about them? In the United States they go to prison but nothing happens here. When will the country producers be defended? When are the ones who profit from the deceit of animal maltreatment and destroy the property of people who help in feeding poor people be punished?

 ARRIBA | 2014 |