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 I would like to tell you something that although it happened many years ago, it demonstrates the amount of lies, traps, sophistries and falseness animal rights defenders use.

We have to mention that there are also sincere people who also defend the supposed animal rights, but they are also utopian and they forget man has to be placed first and then the animals.

We can’t put all our eggs in one basket, there are just wrong people, there are astute persons who lead an easy life based on a new “tale” and there are also Nazi fanatics that want to impose their fanatical ideas like: to drink milk is murder, to wear leather or fur is to wear clothes that drip blood and every type of nonsense.

The story I talked about is the following:

At the corner of Santa Fé y Callao, in the luxurious “Barrio Norte” of  Buenos Aires city (it was at the beginning of autumn when generally fur coats are sold), three nice ladies behind a table strategically placed on the pavement talked about the supposed cruelty of fur dealers towards animals whose pelts were sold afterwards. This happened, I repeat, many years ago.

They distributed many brochures and they particularly showed the photo of a baby otter which sadly talked to a child and said to him: …”You’ve got your mum, then I ask you, do you know why otter hunters killed my mum?”

It’s not idle to remember at that time, “the fur coat” that was on fashion for Argentine women was the one made of otter, afterwards it was the one made of Patagonian fox (that could be hunt because they were a plague), then the coat made of farm bred mink and today the one made of chinchilla.

A fur dealer, who was walking nearby, was angry at the lies and asked one of the ladies:

“It is not true, female otters with babies are not killed; moreover, haven’t you think that the hunter has also got children and has to feed them, they eat otter meat and they sell the pelt; they survive that way and it is mostly their way of living?”.

The lady answered:

“Look sir, I know nothing about it, I am paid for staying here some hours, I have to distribute these brochures and give a ticket for a synthetic fur coat as it will be raffled off among those people who go to this shop (the address was in the brochure) where a huge amount of many synthetic fur coats are exhibited. In this way, people can see them and realize that they are cheaper than the natural ones either hunted or farm bred!”

The owner of the shop (as later the fur dealer explained to me) sold a lot of synthetic fur coats that season, and he even flooded the market. The fact is that synthetic fur gets ruined in some years and it isn’t as warm as natural fur because it doesn’t biodegrade and it pollutes the environment.  Although it can be worn in our country, it is useless in places like Canada, Russia, Japan and the Baltic and Scandinavian countries where it is impossible to live without natural fur that it is used to line shoes, boots, hats, coats, gloves, etc  or to protect the whole body in long coats or short ones.

This example is widely repeated in the actions of vegans and animal rights defenders.

Most times the actions of the supposed animal rights defenders are entirely related to an economic interest as it was explained previously.

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, we are sure that many organizations that say they are working for animals, receive support and money from organizations like PeTA  (People for the ethical Treatment to Animals) and other organizations from the Northern Hemisphere.

It is a shame how PeTA administers millions of dollars and little is left to the animals, they use the money to pay huge salaries to the directors or to pay enormous travel allowances, etc. It was discovered that in the United States it collected u$s 11,500,000 (eleven million five hundred thousand dollars) and it only donated $ 5,000 for animal shelters.

It is remarkable to notice how in many websites they UNAVOIDABLY ask for money for their “noble” cause, the money rarely benefits the animals but the ones who collect it.

It’s just another way of getting money without working or without producing.

It is what in Argentina’s common language is called a new “easy way of earning money”.

People don’t have to donate money to these organizations; it is the best way of making them disappear for when money vanishes, their activities too.

Sometimes they ask people to make testaments in favor of animals.

This information is true although it seems ridiculous and incredible because even a foolish person knows that animals cannot administer or benefit with inheritance and money surely disappears in the hands of the organizers and directors of the animal loving organizations.

Some days ago, a debate was held in an important TV program which is seen by millions of people. Two female representatives of PeTA participated and we believe they came out badly from the debate (it was shown in a survey made among people who don’t defend animals or breed chinchillas).

They lost the debate not because of the opponent’s (the one who writes this article) speech and knowledge but because they were poorly prepared to confront him.

Average intelligence is very common in vegans and animal right defenders. They live closely attatched to their prejudices, to the old litany of animal maltreatment and above all to the lies, falseness, tricks and traps they repeat knowingly. Many of them lie intentionally.

Let’s see some examples to learn how to confront them.

Both vegans said they were vegetarians. It was obvious they were opposed to meat consumption but they denied not eating eggs, drinking milk, etc, but by reading their internet websites it can be seen that a vegan wants the disuse of animal products for whatever aim anywhere.  Wool, leather, honey, dairy products, fish are included in the list. It’s nonsense.

They said animals like chinchillas used to run in fields so they suffer in little cages.  When she was told that all books say that at liberty rodents live in small caves and spaces in the mountains, she was shown she had said something completely wrong.

It was demonstrated they were wrong again when they were explained that an animal which lives with air conditioning cannot be maltreated and that dirt or faulty pelts mean the breeder’s loss of money.

PeTA’s vegans had come with the same old story: animals that suffer in cages and animals that suffer when they are killed and this time they used foxes and minks as examples.

They found out that everything is different in chinchilla breeding. Chinchillas are treated and killed in a human way as indicated by Breeder’s Associations and Entities that group veterinarians (in the United States killing methods have to be approved by the Veterinarian’s Associations and they have to be performed according to animal welfare programs; Argentina follows the same guidelines as indicated by the United States Empress).

It was also explained that a human way of killing animals is necessary,  not only because chinchilla breeders are good and humanitarian people but also because there is an important economic relationship between perfect handling and animal welfare,  as the price fur is high, especially the price of the finest fur of all: the chinchilla. The vegans didn’t know anything about it.

We have already seen the way they lie about the money they collect and the way they deceive people about animal maltreatment.

In the program, PeTA’s defenders and representatives also said that fur wear decreases every day.

Notwithstanding what they said, fur wear increases every day. The Fur Age report shows that fur wear increased enormously everywhere and mostly among young people.

In billions of dollars:

1999 =  8,185 u$s billions

2000=   9,143 u$s billions

2003 = 11,300 u$s billions

Veganism is a continuous tale and an entire lie as they deny reality and say exactly the contrary.

Vegans boast there are millions of vegetarians living in England, they know perfectly well that a numerous Hindu population, who is mostly vegetarian, lives there; there are certainly English vegans too. This is another vegan utopism, they want to impose in the western hemisphere, the customs of a tropical country like India. But these customs are unthinkable in cold climates or in some Mediterranean areas where people can suffer from Mediterranean Anemia or Thalassemia due to the lack of iron contained in meat. This is very dangerous for pregnant women.

They also boast vegetarianism extends life but there is no difference in the longevity index of a Hindu and a Muslim who eats all kinds of animals except pigs.

The day scientists seriously prove that life can be extended without eating meat, fish and dairy products, everybody will turn to complete vegetarianism or veganism.

There is no scientific and serious evidence which can prove the foolish statements and stories they spread about their way of living.

The examples of poor artists that have turned to veganism make us laugh because they are generally poor souls who after taking drugs and alcohol and having unrestrained sex, they want to turn to a healthier and purer life.

Their new way of living lasts some months as a counterweight to all their previous excesses but then they return to their normal life of drugs, sex and alcohol.

Take notice that these vegan habits could not settle in the population in general and they never will, they achieve success among mad youngsters who find shelter in vegan WebPages, in a group they think they belong to. Many of them have been previous extremists, right or left wing. They join veganism due to their hate to big international companies, Capitalism, etc.

Nobody has considered the paradox of vegans’ attacks to Mc Donald’s in Buenos Aires as they have never attacked our Parrillas or Meat Restaurants.  It seems that eating a hamburger is to sin more than eating a classic steak or a lean steak in the River Plate Bank Restaurants. (¿?¿?)

Vegans have never manifested in front of slaughterhouses; are they probably frightened that butchers may break their bones? It is easier to go to a poultry or a rabbit farm at night and free the animals as they have done near Panamericana Motorway some months ago.

This is the supposed animal liberation cause.

Liberation is a synonym of death because the hens or rabbits died as they were run over by cars, were killed by dogs or cats or became slaves of vegans. (Two female vegans boasted about their liberation of animals in Internet)

As you see all about veganism is nonsense and lies.

  ARRIBA | 2014|