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 Why do human beings have fangs which are meant to eat meat and according to you we don’t have to eat it?

 Why do all predator animals eat meat and humans don’t have to do it? (Dogs, cats, tigers, lions, leopards, panthers, crocodiles, bears, foxes,  the biggest fish that feed  from the smallest, the biggest birds that feed from the smallest, eat only or basically meat.)

 Why doesn’t man have to eat meat, eggs, milk, and honey or wear wool, silk, etc?

 Why have vegans decided to do so although it is permitted by God (See Genesis) and every country’s Law?

 Are you superior to God and the Laws of the countries?

 You say you defend the environment but you don’t want people to wear fur, leather, animal hair, wool, silk or any animal product which are precisely renewable and biodegradable.

Do we have to use synthetic fibers derived from oil which pollute the environment, are not a sustainable resource and will be used up sooner or later?

 Rayon yarn or fabrics also pollute, there is no other vegetal fiber than cotton; do you think that you can wrap yourself up just in cotton clothes when the temperature is below zero?

 Don’t your think that you are misanthropes (you show aversion to man) and replace the friendly relations among human beings with an excessive love to animals?

 Aren’t you expressing your own personal problems, resentment and frustration when you attack, set fire or destroy the properties of those who work with animals?

 Why do you take actions to such extremes that you endanger human lives, as when you sabotage hunters’ weapons or send letter-bombs to laboratories that investigate with animals?

 For you, is it more important a rat’s life than a human life?

 You want the total cease of animal investigation.

Aren’t you worried about stopping medicine development? Can you grant that you don’t use the present medicine obtained through animal testing? Can you grant that your parents and sons don’t use it either?

 You always wail and complain in Internet and television about animal maltreatment and you always finish saying: Stop it now! Donate now to stop these brutal actions!

Why haven’t you filed many lawsuits against breeders of animals for fur claiming that they maltreat animals? Or are you only interested in people’s donations because they are horrified of what you say?

 Why aren’t there many animal shelters sponsored by vegans?

PeTA for example, has collected millions of dollars and it has just spent U$S 5.000 in a shelter. It has killed miles of cats and dogs, why?

 There are many parts of the country where only grass and weeds grow which only some animals eat; for example the vegetation in arid areas for sheep, alpacas, llamas and guanacos. Man cannot feed from them but animals do.

Must human beings leave these areas or must they die?

 There are huge areas in Latin-America, Africa and Asia where man uses animals as a means of transport like camels in the desert, donkeys and horses in isolated areas or  where roads are not no paved.

In Argentina most areas in the Andes, Patagonia and the Northern provinces can only be reached by horse or by donkey. If animals cannot be used as a means of transport should the people who have lived there for centuries move or disappear?

 There are vast frozen areas in the poles and nearby, especially in the North Pole where many inhabitants depend on deer, seals, fish and other animals which have adapted to low temperatures. Should these people leave these areas and disappear?

 You tell and protest about maltreatment but

Have you ever been in an animal ranch?

Wouldn’t it be pathetic if you haven’t?

Can you live with such a lie?

 Wouldn’t it be possible that you are just people who live in apartments that you have never been in contact with animals and that you believe everything vegan ideologist have told you about for ages?

 You violate the Law and attack the property of people who use animals and then free them; haven’t you thought about the following:  when you free those animals that live in captivity, aren’t you condemning them to a dreadful death?

 To change habits of people who do not think the way you do by means of force and violence isn’t it a Nazi Fascist conduct?

 If a human being cannot nourish her baby, must she let him die than feed him with cow milk?

 Must she do what two infanticide parents did and were condemned in the United States for letting their baby die as they fed him with soya milk and vegan products instead of cow milk?

 There are really few areas on earth that can be cultivated and the rest are deserts, lakes, mountains and areas with unfavorable climate for agriculture; have you ever thought that if farm or ranch animals did not exist , mankind would perish?

Aren’t you worried about it? | 2014 |