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 Our intention is to inform the breeder, the interested person and the public in general, (it is the best way of finishing with prejudice and half truths) about some important ideas that actually prevail in European and Anglo Saxon Opinion Centers (United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, etc). They refer to the exploitation and use of animals and vegetables, earth care, agriculture, livestock and if they respect or are aggressive to the environment, men, animals, etc.

Remember that all these subjects are linked and are related to each other.

We will make a short introduction and later we will explain each matter individually, in a detailed way and with precise data and statistics. We will also explain the alarming situation of some countries and the rise of strong reforming movements which are claiming for drastic changes to stop harmful excesses that were done in the last decade and that are still causing harm nowadays.

It is pointless to clarify that as in every subject, there are different schools of thought that believe to have the absolute truth.

In this way, we will see how intensive agriculture and livestock are opposed to the ecological and organic ones which prioritize earth, animal and man care over a larger production of defective grains and vegetables and take care of the product purity rather than its quantity. We will also talk about the doctrine that states that great quantities must be produced or else hunger will prevail everywhere.

On the one hand, there are people who use animals in a bad way (stocked and stressed) despising their welfare, (the famous animal welfare now in force in all farming activities that want to succeed), and on the other, there are people who thoroughly take care of animals because they obtain more and better results and hence they behave ethically towards the planet and its inhabitants.

We will also mention the orthodox vegan school (that promotes the total and absolute disuse of animals and their by-products), which is now turning obsolete , is considered apathetic and  is despised or even ignored by the most famous vegan leaders like Peter singer. Additionally, most extremists are serving long sentences in prison in the United States and Europe.

This fanatical, utopian and impossible philosophy is only followed, defended and spread by psychologically ill and apathetic youngsters (especially in Spain and Latin America where everything arrives late and is démodé as other countries have entirely done away with it).

Facts are certain but orthodox vegan doctrines are not taken into account by anybody: the governments, the cultural circles, the international organizations and the forums; even in the most famous vegan circles, the extreme proposals have been softened.

Who analyses the problem in an objective way (not based on psychological conflicts which haven’t been solved during childhood or aggressiveness towards man) cannot accept extremism and even terrorism on behalf of animals or ecology.

Not everything is black and white really, most times truth and reality are grey, and that means something coherent situated in the middle of two extreme positions.

Before, it is necessary to clarify that it is really untrue or false that producing vegetables and every type of grains in large amounts is the most correct and the best method to provide food for mankind who is hungry and which grows alarmingly.

It isn’t also ethical, correct and practical to exploit animals excessively without taking into account animal welfare; that means not to treat them ethically and humanly.

It doesn’t mean that Agriculture or Livestock are good or bad, it means the way people work; what we all want is to respect human beings, animals and the planet Earth.

Today there is an anachronic vegan: the youngster or the elder lady who has no children, no family and don’t fit in the familiar or social circle (even they don’t know about it). They believe blindly what they read in books or websites about doctrines other people wrote and deposited their hate to man, their misanthropy and their homophobia (due to psychological problems) and who valued every animal (rats, snakes, Guinea pigs) over their human brothers.  They also believe that by eating only vegetables and grains they are going to have a healthier and longer life and also be an environmental protector, a superior being with a high sense of solidarity towards any living creatures, either animals or people.

It’s a serious mistake: in most countries, the grains and vegetables the consumer gets, lack essential elements as calcium, magnesium, copper and other minerals which if they are depleted in a diet, they produce severe problems for the consumers and  later consequences in the future generations.

The well-known soy that vegans ponder as a substitute of meat is destroying the most valuable elements on earth:  humus and soil fertility and it is causing malnutrition in human beings. And this is not only a problem for the Americans and Europeans as it is happening also in Latin America, Africa and other regions of the planet.

Intensive agriculture, that only cares for the maximum yield and does not care for consumers and the soil, produces  products containing pesticides, acaricides, nematicides, rodenticides, growth hormones and mineral fertilizer  which they are highly harmful  when used excessively due to the unbalance they produce. In conclusion, a murderous cocktail composed of toxic and carcinogenic substances.

In this way, the extreme vegetarian and what is the worst the ignorant and misinformed vegan is condemning himself to a terrible seniority with cancer and other terrible diseases DUE TO WHAT HE/SHE CONSUMES and his/her sons and descendants will be also affected for many generations.

In the next articles, we shall give you the sources, data and statistics that support our statements. They should not be considered alarming or subjective at all; they are just true statements known in the forums and the media.

Additionally, last decade agriculture and vegan proposals are not protecting the planet at all; on the contrary, they are destroying it, as they reject natural manure that has protected the ecosystems for many years and has rendered the same results as today’s production in which there is an abuse of mineral fertilizers; additionally natural manure did not poison the population and destroy the soil and the underground water streams.

Consequently, when many misinformed, prejudiced and deceived vegans, that believe blindly what this mad philosophical “ideologists” have taught them, want to convince us of the advantages of vegetables, grains, hydroponics and other strange eccentricities which are completely harmful for human beings and the planet, they don’t know the barbaric ideas they are spreading.

It is our obligation to return them to reality which is the only truth and to make them reason and make them see what they are doing with their lives and with the lives of the rest of the people.

They have the sole aim of banning the total use of animals and their by-products and for that purpose they assert that consuming only grains and vegetables is healthier. However, actual agriculture is poisoning the human beings providing products lacking in essential elements for their body and health. This does not happen when the natural cycles are used: grains are sowed and vegetables are produced in the traditional way and respecting the environment by taking care of the fields; animals are fed with natural unaltered products, free from harmful substances.

To give an example: the person who eats Argentine meat, from animals bred on natural pasture, protects his health more than the fool that eats vegetables containing pesticides or growth hormones. Moreover, the one who eats hormone bred chicken is also eating badly.

Many chinchilla breeders eat chinchilla meat which is free from harmful substances and cholesterol. They will live longer and will have a healthier seniority than the vegetarians who consume products which are harmful and lack essential substances.

Agriculture based on minerals, uses and abuses of nitrates (additionally mineral fertilizers will be exhausted sooner or later as they are not renewable like animal manure which is natural and takes care of soil). That is the way the underground streams of water are poisoned with nitrates which consequently poison human beings and animals as they turn into nitrites which are highly carcinogenic.

This is what vegans and vegetarians consume and want us to consume, they want us to stop using animals and animal products which produce high quality food provided they are bred in a correct way.

We know that vegan extremists will answer that if we use environmentally friendly agriculture, these problems will not happen, but the matter is that the world is hungrier; data show that worldwide stocks of grains have decreased (anyone who reads everyday newspapers can see this); consequently if we suddenly want to stop using animals and we demand agriculture not to give priority to  production but only to good food, only the wealthiest will be able to buy healthy and balanced food: half mankind will disappear from earth. 

Notice, however, that we don´t intend to conceal the fact that everything isn´t nice and easy as breeding animals is concerned and that sometimes animals are deposits of hormones and harmful substances for the human body. Products like eggs without vitamins, milk containing antibiotics and chicken containing growth hormones are so harmful for the human body as the grains and vegetables cultivated by means of agriculture which does not respect the environment and unfortunately prevails worldwide, though certain honorable exceptions can be found.

Everybody must understand that civilization developed everywhere and lasted for ages due to what our ancestors had done for many centuries.

It’s a well known fact that every time man exhausted the soil, he caused his own destruction.

Entire civilizations as the Babylonian disappeared when the soil, the humus, was exhausted. (Notice that the word has the same root as the word human).

What is being proposed in all forums and scientific circles is to correct all these problems. Its is a challenge for this century and the following ones.

Nowadays the vegan bible of animal disuse is simple, old, démodé and anachronic

 Today there are more important things at work: the future of humanity and the planet.

It is not bad to breed animals for consumption or to cultivate vegetables or grains, what is good or bad is how it is done and if it is done respecting the environment or not.

 There is no advantage in consuming vegetables and grains at all because the body will lack important substances, the process will gradually worsen as minerals (which are necessary for the plants) are not renewable and will be exhausted as it was previously explained.  Additionally, these grains and vegetables contain pesticides which harm the consumers’ health in the long run. We don’t have to forget that annually it is produced one kilo and a half pesticide per person on average.

If the land is not cultivated taking ecology into consideration, especially water and soil systems, the destruction of the planet (persons or animals) will be unavoidable.

We are giving you some data that we will later enlarge just to make you think about:

The arrival of the tap and running water system to most houses was a great civilization achievement: however, in many countries and ours included, it’s a paradox that running water cannot be used as it is contaminated. The nitrites in the underground streams originate nitrosamines which are highly carcinogenic.

In England, Prozac, an anti-depressant was found in the running water system in some cities.

In France, except the provinces near the Mediterranean, all the underground water streams contain nitrates which are highly harmful for the human and animal bodies. Additionally, as everybody knows, the underground water streams of some villages and cities in the Province of Buenos Aires contain arsenic and every kind of poisonous substances, and many people drink such water disregarding the serious problem.

Spinach and lettuce (well-known vegetables vegans claim for) have harmful substances for the human body, lack essential products and contain nitrates which cause a 50% decrease in their productivity and yield when you want to preserve them.

Millions of environmentally beneficial birds, bees and insects die alarmingly because of the use and abuse of pesticides.

France used to be one of the most fertile countries of the world however soil fertility lowered (humus) to such dangerous bordering limits that some land is close to desertification.

To know the truth is the best way to improve reality and correct mistakes and preconceptions.

It will be continued.



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