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 The vegan theory is simple and evil as it is radical; it destroys everything we have believed in for centuries and what we still believe in now; it questions all our civilization’s development and man’s achievements; it also makes them seem illegal and it makes man’s actions evil since the very beginning of civilization.

Man is a speciesist, he defends his species at all costs with detriment to other species and he uses, exploits and enslaves all animals.

Man is the worst pest living in Universe; he destroys all the other species.

The biblical message of the Old Testament and the one of other monotheist religions is false. It’s a God who was invented by man to exploit the other species. Such God does not exist.

Animals have the same rights and are worth the same as the human beings. They say textually:  a dog, a cat, a rat, a child, they are all equal (actual words form Ingrid Dunkirk, PeTA’s chief).

Many times they attack meat consumption and the use of fur but they are also opposed to using eggs, milk, fish, wool, honey, leather or any other animal products or by-products.

In other words if a woman does not have enough milk for her baby, she can’t or mustn’t use cow milk because she is taking it away from the cow (see in a separate section: Death of a baby whose vegan parents wanted to feed him with soya milk, they were sentenced to life imprisonment).

They go to extremes when they say they are even opposed to animal experimentation in laboratories even though all diseases are cured.  (Actual words from Ingrid Dunkirk, PeTA’s chief)

They are opposed to horse races or to ride on any type of animal, they are against hunting, fishing, circuses, zoo, rodeos and every animal use. To have dogs and cats or any other pet is a form of slavery. (Just imagine a cowboy or a gaucho without a horse)

PeTA and other vegan organizations have a special methodology to finance and achieve their living as kings: they show a cruel image of breeding animals of all kinds from chinchillas to hens and then the “click here” and “donate to finish with this abuse” automatically appear. Many people are very generous.

The animals practically get no money. PeTA kills all the animals (including dogs and cats) that people entrust to it. In one year they killed 17.000 pets in only one American State. (see

The vegan terrorists (especially those of the Animal Liberation Front and other radical organizations) haven’t hesitated to free foxes, minks, pigs, rabbits and other types of animals and consequently they caused death to them as they don’t know how to live at liberty. They have also attacked poultry ranches, set bombs, set fire to meat dealer shops, restaurants, Mc Donald’s, etc. They have sent bombs to laboratories and harmed people severely with letter-bombs. Many vegan leaders serve long sentences due to ecological crimes in the United States and Europe. (See Monde Diplomatique, August 2004).

The typical vegan is a single person with no children who lives in an apartment in a city and he/she has never been to farms, ranches and estancias (large cattle ranches in South America).

He has read vegan books and believes blindly what the vegan ideologists say.

The fanatics of the vegan message and the philosophy of equality between man and the animal want to modify the present situation and consequently they commit any type of crimes against those who exploit animals. They don’t receive anything for that, they are just useful idiots.

The main share or full portion is taken by the vegan chiefs who have large salaries and travelling expenses; they spend nearly all the collected money after shocking people with a supposed animal maltreatment. This animal maltreatment doesn’t exist because it was created by ideologist through faking videos. (See separate report on Snuff films faked by vegans, they were severely punished in the United Stated because of the deceit and the harm they caused).

As they are extremists, fundamentalists and radicals, they don’t care about the methods they use. They are also very active in governmental matters in order to change laws for their own benefit.

Fortunately in the United States and Europe they are fully discredited and nobody believes in them. Everything Americans and Europeans have rejected comes to Latin America so now the problem has settled here.

Make it known around your friends and relatives.


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