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 Chinchilla breeders, in general, are in the group of people who seek for animal welfare which means those people who use animals (as the Bible, all the millenary traditions of our Culture and all monotheist religions recommend) but  do not abuse from them or maltreat them unnecessarily, etc.

The Empress, the great American Association of chinchilla breeders, recommends all their members to register and certify their ranches to strictly comply with human treatment to chinchillas from birth to death in order to achieve animal welfare.

A veterinarian must fairly certify human treatment.

Argentina and other countries agree with all the Empress’ recommendations.

The United States Veterinarian Association also supports the thesis which admits animal use and consumption if human treatment and animal welfare are provided.

The animal rights defenders (vegans for example) state that in no circumstances can animals be used and in no way can animal products or their by-products be consumed (milk, eggs, honey, wool, leather, etc).

If rights are granted to animals and they are equated to man THERE IS NO justification to kill them, to take milk from a cow or to take eggs from hens, etc.

Moreover, Ingrid Dunkirk, PeTA’s director, has publicly stated that she is not interested in human treatment to animals and the achievement of animal welfare for all animals in captivity.

What they seek for is the non exploitation and the total cease of using animals and all their products whether they are wool, milk, etc

Human treatment in order to achieve animal welfare does not help vegans meet their aforementioned objectives. Dunkirk has said on TV that “…We are not interested in larger and more comfortable cages or cleaner and bigger barns. We want no more cages or barns, etc…”

These extremists have fundamental objectives which are very difficult to accomplish; to achieve them they must collect millions and millions of dollars and get millions and millions of followers.

That is the reason why they do not hesitate to lie and to say that animals are subject to terrible suffering in order to collect more money (which they use for themselves and not for the animals) and to attract more people, but when they see or they are given proof that such animal maltreatment does not exist, they show their true objectives.

 You have to take into account that whatever the religion could be, the legislation of any country of the world says that ONLY PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS BUT THEY HAVE OBLIGATIONS AS WELL.

These people want animals to be at an upper level than man so they want RIGHTS for them but no obligations at all.

Yet, it is interesting to see the terrible contradiction of their thoughts and doctrines, because man cannot or must not eat meat, drink milk, eat fish but a kitten can eat fish or drink milk. The fox can hunt and kill other animals to feed from them but man cannot.  Alas! What a terrible contradiction which is impossible to solve!

 No animal rights defender talked the previous week N. Neumann ridiculously posed nude or the day the Riachuelo’s river rodent extermination and Buenos Aires City squares insect extermination were announced in all newspapers.

Cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes and lice can be killed! Rabbits, chinchillas, minks cannot! They have declared themselves Gods who can decide who must die and who mustn’t!


 We don’t want to overwhelm people with information but we want to inform people who these vegan fanatics are.

 People must not confuse PeTA with Greenpeace and other ecological organizations. (PeTA is a group of fanatics and scoundrels who collect money and receive donations to defend animals but they actually lead an easy life and have millionaire salaries and travel allowances. In a separate article we are going to detail the balance sheets and the scandals that came out about what they do with the money. As it is completely discredited in the Northern Hemisphere, it has come to Argentina to make publicity campaigns with models like Nicole Newmann).

 Greenpeace attacks and protests against those who destroy forests, pollute the seas and destroy the environment BUT IT IS NOT OPPOSED TO BREEDING ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PETA.

 In an article La Nación newspaper published about Nicole Newmann and her posing nude against wearing fur, there is a comment made by World Wild Foundation which says:

“If the coats are made with prohibited or endangered species, WWF not only exposes but also and condemns the ones who made them.  But if the fur coats are made legally and as a result of a rational and sustainable use of wildlife fauna, then the coat is as legal (for example the otter is not in danger of extinction) as a leather jacket, a handbag or a pair of shoes”.



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