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We have recently received the book “The Animal Research War”.  Though now it is still in English, we think it will be called “The War against investigation with animals” when translated into Spanish.

 To our request, Cecily and Brent Poley sent us a copy so quickly that we really have to praise them and thank them a lot.

 We advise those who know English read it as it is very well documented, it is scientifically written and everything is proved by means of serious, logical and undoubted bases and sources.

It studies in detail the reasons and the causes that facilitated the defenders of animal rights to progress and come into power.

 1)One example is PeTA charismatically led by Ingrid Newkirk, who lived as a child in the East and came from India deeply influenced by the reincarnation doctrines of that country. She achieved to get several hundred thousand followers all over the world, who make donations without knowing where their money went to, as they entirely believe in the so much repeated maltreatment of animals in general and specifically in animals testing abuses.

 The vegan organizations have many members and many economic resources obtained from active money collecting campaigns; this money is constantly invested in obtaining more members and more economic resources.

Great publicity resources and deceiving campaigns, which cinema and television stars support, help them collect millions of dollars.

 Cinema and television stars have a lot to do in these vegan marketing campaigns: common people tend to believe what they say instead what unknown scientists who work silently state though thanks to their investigations with animals, the life expectancy of our generation has increased in the last 100 years. People simply ignore these facts.

Last century a female youngster had a lifespan of 50 years, today in many countries it is 75, 78 years and more and it is going to improve provided vegans don’t interrupt the process of investigation with animals; a process they  intend to destroy, no matters how, legally or illegally.

 It is thought that 70% of vegans are women, many probably led by their ultra feminism and resentment against the opposed sex whom they accused of having discriminated them for centuries. As men are a majority who work in scientific investigations or in animal farming, these women are easy preys to vegan lies which are spread by famous actresses or actors.

 2) People live in urbanized areas, in cities where they are free from any contact with animals; that is the reason why it is easier for them to idealize animals. In the countryside this does not happen because people know real life; but millions and millions of persons have moved to urban centers.

Frustration and aversion to their fellow men often make people tend to defend the animals they idealize as they don’t have any contact with them.

This is helped by Walt Disney’s films and vegan films which give animals human characteristics , they talk, think, reason and suffer like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Babe, Bambi, etc. They help to deceive people and also help vegan campaigns succeed.

 3) Most animal defenders are not only female but they are also white Anglo-Saxons or Northern Europeans who are wealthier than Americans. The Afro-Americans, the Spanish, the Chinese and other races don’t participate in these movements at all.

  The same happens in poor countries where resources are scarce. The vegan campaigns do not succeed and do not achieve their aims.

 It has been proved that white Anglo-Saxons and Nordics, who are wealthier, are the ones that mostly fall into veganism in general.

They probably fall into veganism and animal defense because antiwar and antidiscrimination campaigns have ended.

Many have lost solidarity towards human beings and feel animals are more innocent so they project their love towards them instead.

 Whoever reads the book, will know the complete barbarity, madness and sordidness of veganism and the constant lies all their statements are based on. People will also know how fundamentalists, with scissors and subtle touches, change o take out of context what the scientific community and the scientists who discovered the most important remedies and cures for diseases that decimated mankind have stated.

 Today many youngsters hardly know how infantile paralysis, tuberculosis and many other diseases which decimated humanity have been cured. It was achieved thanks to experimentation with animals.

The book also explains, supported by evidence, how vegans get into schools saying they defend ecology; but once there, their aim is to convince children that it is better to drink beer than to drink milk. They also say that experimentation with animals must be hindered although scientific investigation to cure severe diseases like cancer, AIDS, Parkinson, diabetes and many others is stopped.

  It also explains and invalidates the barbarian project of Peter Singer and other vegans that equalized the great Primates (chimpanzees, gorillas or orangutans) with man thus granting them the same rights. This book emphasizes what we have always said (see www.firstmanthentheanimal.com.ar): who hasn’t got obligations, can’t have rights, it is a fundamental statue of Law.

Additionally, who establishes a bordering line? If animals are legal persons, they have rights. Why only the advanced apes can fall in this category? Doesn’t the fruit fly  or the worm deserve to be included too? Who can discriminate and decide which animal can and which can’t be included?

 Who can make apes or any type of animals fulfill one single obligation?

 It is absolutely incorrect to grant rights to animals just because they have impunity. They kill each other and nobody can avoid it. The bird kills the worm; the cat kills the bird and so many other examples. The apes, who are outstanding for their intelligence, kill, violate, cannibalize (they eat each other) and enjoy total impunity living in Nature, how can you grant rights to them?

 The book also tells how PeTA (initials that stand for People for Ethical Treatment to Animals in English) with annual revenue of 33 to 35 million dollars does to care for the animals people entrust it to and kills them. (See www.petakillsanimals.com ). It uses the money it collects pretending to protect animals just to collect more money.

 This money is usually deviated to other “immoral” causes like:

U$S 45,000.-  to defend the terrorist Rodney Coronado.

U$S 2,000.-  to the speaker of ALF (terrorist organization called in English Animal Liberation Front), one of the FBI’s most  persecuted organizations, they committed hundreds of felonies like freeing animals, setting fire properties of those who work with animals, etc.

U$S 1,000.- for the Earth Liberation Front, one of the most dangerous terrorist associations in the United States. It is widely persecuted by the FBI due to having set on fire sawmills, wood factories and any type of industries and harmed people that are believed to attack the environment.

These terrorist cells, mostly subsidized by PeTA, act in the usual way, as any terrorist group. Their members don’t know each other, and if one of them is captured, he or she can tell little to the authorities because they know little or nothing about the rest. With an excellent coordination, they receive the order from a leader that tells them to be present such day at such time to attack a fixed objective.

 At such place, they set buildings on fire, place bombs, threaten, persecute, harass those who work with animals (from veterinarian shops to meat restaurants, from universities to laboratories) and destroy every type of property:  cars, shops, factories but they never get to know the rest of the members of the group that commit those crimes.

They have press offices which announce and expose, pretending that they have received anonymous faxes and emails telling them so, the liberation of animals and the destruction of private property belonging to speciesists, (vegan term to name those who work with animals). They do it with total impunity as reporting facts, even though criminal ones, is not a crime.

 Hundreds of them, with a stern discipline, write, manifest and use all possible legal methods to ask for the liberation of those vegan terrorists arrested by the FBI. As all fundamentalists, the only thing they do is to work for their own cause.

 Some data causes surprise; for instance, dogs and cats cured from diabetes with human insulin; that means that the discovery obtained though experimenting with dogs and other animals benefits both diabetic human beings and animals who also suffer from this terrible disease.

The same happens with other diseases whose treatment can be applied for both human beings and animals.

The book also tells how impossible it is to continue experimenting about illnesses related to reproduction and depression because of infertility without using female apes whose reproductive systems and menstruation are similar to the ones of females.

 Additionally, it is necessary to use apes to find remedies to cure Alzheimer, Parkinson and any type of infectious diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, etc. But vegan’s continual harassment to investigators and laboratories hampers, lengthens and endangers the scientific work.

It also explains how hypocrite vegans want experimentation to finish when they use, for themselves and their relatives, the cures and remedies obtained from animal experimentation.

 The book also says that every non hypocrite vegan should have an identifying card that states he is a vegan and therefore in case of accident his will is: not to be transfused, given antibiotics, applied insulin or chemotherapy, anesthetized, vaccinated, done a coronary bypass, applied orthopedic treatment or any other medicine or cure obtained from animal testing even though rats, reptiles or nasty animals were used.

 We will continue commenting paragraphs of this interesting book. Our website readers www.firstmanthentheanimal.com.ar know many of these statements because we have been talking about them for years. THE ONLY TRUTH IS REALITY and nowadays more and more people expose vegans and their lies.



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