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Nobody imagines the enormous amount of money these false animal defenders collect by horrifying the public with faked videos about animal maltreatment, like putting electrodes in an animal’s vagina or pelting animals alive.

They cause indignation in the public through such evil actions; people then open their wallets and donate great quantities of money to organizations like PeTA (initials that stand for People for Ethical Treatment to Animals).

It’s interesting to browse in the website www.petakillsanimals, to see how PeTA euthanizes miles of animals. The money it collects is used neither for shelters nor for stopping the excesses they expose but for their directors’ high salaries and travelling allowances. This fact shows their hypocrisy, they protest about the animals other people kill when they actually kill the ones they have to care for with the money they collect.

Some time ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, (in Susana Gimenez’s program), a model announced she would pose nude against wearing fur but she didn’t do it in the end; furthermore, a video pelting an animal alive (in China) started to circulate in Internet. This video, which is completely faked as it will be explained later, causes horror among the population and makes people believe that breeding animals for fur is evil and brutal.

What is there behind these actions? Money, money and more money!

We are talking about millions of dollars. PeTA collected U$S 17.000.000 which were never intended for animals.

It’s an interesting and catching subject for any journalist who wants to know the truth about the fight between the animal defenders and the fur producers.  Moreover, it would be interesting to investigate about eco-terrorism against laboratories testing on animals and the attacks to restaurants which serve food mainly based on meat. These attacks have been carried out by extremist vegans who are youngsters who believe blindly what they see in these faked videos being shown in Internet. (See an interesting article in Monde Diplomatique, dated August 2004).

The video which is actually circulating in Internet about pelting an animal alive has no logical analysis. It’s one of many videos that have been faked to collect money. If an animal is pelted alive, the fur is ruined and it cannot be used. It is uneconomic as it takes more time to do it alive than dead and it is dangerous as the pelter is likely to be bitten or scratched by the animal.

Evidence that proves the video is faked is in Additionally, they even made the mistake of exhibiting many clean and white animal bodies that were really pelted dead as it is done everywhere. The video shows the pelter asking the photographer (who is smartly dressed for a place where animals are to be killed): “Do you want me to pelt it alive?” It has also been proved that such Swiss distributor does not exist and that many other wrong actions were also performed by PeTA on the matter.

In, it is fully explained that the Animal Protection Law was especially amended in 1999 to punish the people that with the aim of collecting money, perform these so-called Snuff films where they really maltreat animals cruelly. Faked films and videos showing maltreatment to dolphins, seals and minks are also shown there. All of them are faked. PeTA could never prove the accusations it makes in its videos.  Additionally, it never uses the right to plead in order to punish those who maltreat animals in a huge quantity as these actions were invented to collect money.

As they have lost their reputation in the Northern hemisphere, they are now coming to Argentina where nobody knows about their activities. Their distribution of the video in Internet and the false statements said by Nicole Newmann (the model who said she would pose nude) have certainly harmed the increasing activity of Argentine fur producers.

Argentina is the largest chinchilla fur producer in the world. It is not only important for the amount of furs which are exported or sold to tourists but also for their quality, as they are among the best of the world.

Argentine firms have been winning in Fur Shows in the United States for ten years. Many mink, fox and otter furs are also produced in factory farms.  Many people work in ranches, cage factories, food and accessories factories and pelt dressing. All these activities can be destroyed by people who have found a way of earning money without working. Dollars and foreign currency are earned due to fur exports and tourists sales.

Whoever wants to investigate the truth will benefit the country and its people.

The aforesaid website,  can be consulted.